As you would expect from an agency based in Dublin, we love it here and we think that you will too. Upon arrival in Dublin, the first thing you'll need to discover is your favourite pub. There is no consensus on this but the kind people of rothco will help you find the one you like best.

Maybe it's the very old local pub with all the charm and madness that you have read about. It's worth having a look at the very slick "look at us modern Irish trendy folk" type bars too. It's important you look at all your options and sample as many different atmospheres as you can.

Dublin is as much fun as you have heard. It's a great time to come here as so much of the old charm has returned. The people are the biggest attraction, friendly, open and always willing to share their favourite pub with you.
The agency was started as a result of a new product that the founders had invented.

Every Thursday lunch time many of the Rothco boys can be found on the football pitch. This game is now over 10 years old.

Since Rothco opened in 1995 all Christmas presents coming into the agency have been put into an all agency pool and then numbers drawn for the presents. We have always believed in equality.

Monday morning dancing was a feature in Rothco 10 years ago. Every member of the team would meet in reception at 9am. Whoever's turn it was would then play their chosen song and everyone had to dance for the full song. The idea was that our week could not get any more embarrassing!

The name Rothco comes from the Sanskrit word Rottchhooowi meaning: Nice Irish people.

Having found out we were wrong about a part of a project for a client many years ago we had a cake baked with the words "Humble Pie" written on it and
we ate some and then sent it to the client as proof.
They thought we expected them to eat some.
Rothco hasn't worked with that client in many years!

We work very hard and we love what we do. Everyone in Rothco feels that our best work has yet to come and we are giddy about that.
That is what we do. It's our Brand Mantra (more about that later). The thing about creative types is that we all love new things. Shiny things, Ideas that look cool or trendy. But to be great in the creative business, you need more than a love of the new. Our clients pay us to help them achieve results. So we have taken our natural love of ideas and married it to the very demanding business world of results to uncover the Rothco Brand Mantra.
Every agency may claim that is what we all do.
And they would be right…in theory.
At Rothco we insist all of our Ideas fully live up
to that BRAND MANTRA. Each member of the Rothco
team comes to work each day to develop Ideas that
grow our clients' business.
You know the US and THEM thing that sometimes exists between client service and creative? Every agency has a bit of it, and so did we.

Until, that is, we made everyone one big happy family. By putting them into families. This means that on every account, the client service and creative people sit together. That means less emails, less contact notes and all that stuff that everyone gets sick of.

Now we just talk.
And come up with solutions on the spot. The work gets better. And the client gets it sooner. And we all get along.
We believe a great idea can come from anywhere and anybody. It's about the idea, not who comes up with it. So…the one way to convince everybody to start shouting in brainstorming sessions is to convince them they have something to offer.

Let them know that everyone can be creative.
So we asked everyone in the agency to do one piece of art of whatever they want. And today, there is a piece of art hanging on our big wall by everyone in the agency. A daily reminder to everyone in Rothco to keep their ideas coming.
As explained by a janitor in NASA… When JFK was touring NASA before the first moon mission he stopped and asked a janitor a question. He asked him "what is your job here" (didn't spot the mop obviously), the janitor replied "to put a man on the moon".

This simple story explains that when a company starts 'living an idea' it can be very powerful. Wherever we can, we look for opportunities to do this for clients – give them an idea they can 'live' every day, both internally and for their customers.
Sound magical? Well like any bit of great magic it's based on lots of preparation. Basically we prefer not to go off and start thinking of ideas straight away, no matter how good the brief is. We don't assume anything. We prefer to know. No unknown unknowns in other words.

This gives us (crash of cymbals) 'The Book of Knowledge' and this is what helps make the work great, AND right.
The only people we answer to are our clients. This allows us to move fast and be flexible. It allows us to try things. Move things around.
All in the name of getting great work to clients.
Of course just because you're single does not mean you can't have a fling with few like-minded agencies across the world. That way we can get all the advantages of a big network, without getting hitched.