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28 Oct 2009 - In Flash, FWA Watch, Social

An excellent piece of digital work integrated into the latest Weetabix TV campaign.

Nigel is the chief minimiser in the Weetabix Minis Min Factory.

He suffers a minimising accident as he is creating the Weetabix minis.

The ad ends with a call to action to Find Nigel.

Find Nigel is a colourful quirky look inside the Weetabix Minis Factory as you travel around trying to Find Nigel.

The site integrates some really nice video and game play to make a really enjoyable and engaging online world.

Find Nigel

The game play within the site is short and sweet with some really fun little mini games, excuse the pun.

Find Nigel

The games take you through the factory in as you blast chocolate squares into the minis and back massage your way to Finding Nigel.

Find Nigel

Find Nigel

In the end you Find Nigel hidden in the Canteen and return him to his normal size.

Find Nigel

The game play element is continued as you submit your initials and time to the leaderboard.

Find Nigel

Unfortunately my score got a rousing “Your time puts you in position 23628 – sadly not enough for the Minis Hall of Fame. Why not try and better it?”

That said the 23K people who have submitted scores and spent approximately 3-5 minutes on the site, is a reflection of the early success of the campaign.

“After all if it’s not small and chocolaty its not a Weetabix Chocolate Mini”

Find Nigel was created by UK Digital Agency Skive.


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i had clicked on the link sending me straight to the website.

i don’t know how to use it!


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