Heineken - Long Story
Tiger - Rise
AIB - Small Business
Heineken - Brief Encounter
AIB - Surfer
o2 - Bring Back The Roar
o2 - Play Them Next
Lyons - Puts the talk into tea
Dublin Bus - Cheat On Your Car

Long Story

Heineken's third installment in the seize the moment campaign is sparked by the universal beer insight of 'the pinch'. The pinch is the amount of beer, that last savory sip you have left in your glass but you don't get to enjoy because your drink is cleared from the table before you are finished.

Tiger - Rise

Now is Asia's time. Welcome to the Megacity and the first TV commercial of the new Tiger Beer global campaign.
This is just the beginning…

AIB - Small Business

Instead of making an ad for the bank to say they were supporting business, we used the budget to make lots of ads for small businesses that they were supporting. Actions speak louder
than words.

Heineken - Brief Encounter

Heineken's latest brand ad tells the story of a universal beer moment and highlights the Heineken drinker's ability to open their world to new and different experiences. In 'Brief Encounter', our lead character refuses to give up his Heineken and it leads to a somewhat intimidating situation. It's an unexpected experience that will be retold later with great excitement to his friends.

That's what this ad is about creating a great Heineken story.


The AIB 'Surfer' TV ad (60 second version) features AIB customer and real-life surfer John McCarthy. It shows John surfing the wave known as 'Aileens' off the cliffs of Moher in Lahinch in September 2008. The ad was directed by Richie Smith.

Bring Back The Roar

As part of O2's sponsorship of the Irish rugby team, we created the fully integrated, international award-winning "Bring Back The Roar" campaign.

Play Them Next

We developed an integrated campaign for O2 that showed what happened when the Irish rugby team showed up at different places for an impromptu game with the locals. The campaign then gave other communities the chance to play them next.

Puts the talk into tea

Everybody knows that tea and talk have long gone together. That when friends meet up or someone comes to visit, you put the kettle on, make a cuppa and have a good chat. So an advertising campaign that tells people that having a cup of Lyons gets you talking makes perfect sense. But we wanted to take it even further. What if we told people that tea and talk are associated because, before we sell it to you, Lyons actually puts the talk into the tea. Puts in the Gossip and Girl Talk. The Golf Stories and Football Facts. The conversations about the weather and what you did at the weekend. A series of TV, radio and outdoor ran under this concept and the series of ads was a shark award winning campaign.

Cheat On Your Car Once a Week

We needed to recruit car drivers. Dubliners are very attached to their cars, and we needed a compelling reason to get them to break their habit, to leave the car behind.

So we launched the 'Cheat On Your Car' campaign; we knew we couldn't be a replacement for the car, we just wanted to be a supplement to the car. We wanted to convince Dubliners to consider the bus, it'll spice things up, you can be more social, go for a drink after work, get to work quicker, get home quicker to see the kids, and because the bus is such a cheap date, you'll even save money. The integrated campaign went live in May of 2010 and consisted of Outdoor, Radio, Press, Ambient, Online Advertising and a Facebook page in which hundreds of people uploaded their stories of cheating on their cars with the bus.